Making Teakwood Furniture Brighter – Teak wood is one type of wood material that is often used in the furniture industry. Chairs, tables, cabinets, couches, and other household furniture use teak wood because of its sturdiness. Not surprisingly, the price of furniture from teak wood is higher than other materials. But this price depends also on the size of the furniture you buy and the level of difficulty in the manufacturing process. Besides that, even though the teakwood furniture can be used for a long time, but if you don’t do the maintenance properly and correctly, then the furniture can be porous.

Cover with wax, to give more protection to your teakwood furniture, apply carnauba wax (commonly used to clean the vehicle) to the surface of the furniture. The use of wax will keep the furniture sleek during the rainy season. Use a clean, dry cloth to rub it. The wax coating will make wood furniture resistant to weather humidity. Place it in the right place, during the rainy season, avoid putting wood furniture in areas that experience temperature fluctuations. For example, placing wood furniture in front of a heat source. Fluctuations from cold to hot temperatures can cause bending in wood.

Avoid being hit by scratches. Scratches on furniture will make it look less attractive. Use furniture cleaning liquid. You can use furniture cleaning liquid using a dry cloth. Use gel or wax to maintain appearance. In order for furniture to remain sleek and protected in color, you can use a little gel or wax. But keep in mind not too often. Place it in a place protected from direct sunlight. Direct sunlight exposure will make the furniture look dull quickly. So placing it in a place that is protected from the sun will keep it durable. Repeat paint, for use for several years, the color of the furniture will fade. Don’t rush to replace it. Simply repainted, the furniture will look new again. So the tips, hopefully your teakwood furniture is safe.

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