Making Your Teakwood Furniture in Best Condition – To fill a room with a beautiful theme and comfortable conditions, teakwood furniture seems very good especially for the classic theme. However, the basic material of furniture from wood must be treated properly so that it remains in good condition. Choose the type of wood that is easy to maintain, not all types of wood are easy to maintain and resistant to weather changes. To anticipate damage to wood furniture in the rainy season, choose wood types that are minimal maintenance and durable, including oak, ironwood, teak, merbau, or sea resin. You don’t need any chemicals or oils for the treatment of the wood. Simply use a dry cloth, the furniture will be clean.

Here are some tips that you can do to treat teakwood furniture. Clean the Furniture Angled with a Small Brush. For routine maintenance, use a small brush to clean curves or carvings that are hard to reach. The more often you do this treatment, the better. This treatment is very useful to prevent fungus from growing in a moist curve.

Avoid or minimize the placement of teakwood furniture in the affected area, especially for outdoor furniture. Splashing water on furniture can reduce the quality of wood. Keep the air moist, in the rainy season, keep the humidity of the air in the room ranging from 40-45 percent. Air humidity that is lower than this level can cause cracks in furniture, while too high humidity can cause furniture swelling. So, to treat teak furniture, we must have time to take care of our furniture. If we don’t have time for that, maybe we need services to care for our furniture.

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