Perfect Teakwood Stunning for Your Home – A room is not complete if there are no furniture in it. It feels lonely and empty. A furniture besides having use value must also have artistic values that are harmonized with the concept of residential houses, both classic, minimalist and other concepts. One of the timeless ingredients is teak. Teak wood is famous for its strength and durability, so it is not surprising that this material is often used as furniture. The dark brown color coupled with the texture of the age-old circle patterns adds an antique and classic impression. With the smoothness of the texture and the beauty of its wood color, it’s no wonder that teak is classified as luxurious wood. Therefore, teak is widely used as furniture and furniture.

Clean from dust – During the rainy season, dust and dirt will be easier to stick to teakwood furniture because the surface of the furniture is more damp, especially furniture outside the house. The sticking dust can also be fine particles or grains of sand. If it piles up and is not immediately cleaned, it can cause scratches to the furniture. Always clean furniture from dust in the rainy season. Use a soft dry cloth so as not to scratch the surface of the furniture. Avoid using a furry cloth so that the yarn fibers do not stick to the furniture. Also avoid using something that contains silicon because it can damage the wood surface

To complete the room by using teakwood furniture, we also have to take good care and care for the furniture inside. The basic furniture material from wood gives properties to furniture where there is a possibility to get mold or porous quickly. For this reason, if we have furniture made of teak wood, we must clean it regularly. It’s also better if we coat the outer layer of teak wood with vernish to make it more durable and resistant to mold. Because teak has a fairly high price, don’t let your furniture porous because this will reduce the selling value.

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