Teakwood Furniture and What Makes Them Great

Bajanusa.com – Teak and teakwood furniture are obviously the most prized material and products compared to other woods such as pine or oak and this could be a source of a lot of questions about why it’s that so. The rubber and the natural oils the wood contains are the answer to that question. Within each and every grain of teakwood are tons of natural oils and rubber. All woods do indeed have their oils contained within, which serve as a means of protection. However, most of those oils and rubber disappear once the tree is cut down and the wood is processed.

Teakwood, on the other hand, retains these oils and rubber even years after it’s being processed into, say, teakwood furniture. Thanks to this fact, teak is naturally more resistant to weather compared to other materials. Upon being dried to the right moisture level (typically about 10% of the original content), teakwood is waterproofed even more by the oils and the rubber it contains. The oils ward off dry rot and together with the rubber they protect the heart of the wood against parasites and fungi. While other woods may require waterproofing materials and specific treatments to prevent against those invaders, teak can withstand them all pretty much without anything but its own natural properties.

Said natural properties are the reason why teakwood furniture is much more superior. Teakwood may change its color from honey brown to silvery gray as it weathers over time but this by no means is a sign of deterioration. Teak is indeed expensive; however, the money you would have spent for annual maintenance had you bought furniture of different wood material could be used to buy one of teakwood instead. This would be a great investment as the product you buy should have lasted for many years to come.

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