What is So Good about Teakwood Furniture?

Bajanusa.com – Teakwood furniture is what you commonly come across in your search for the right pieces to place outside the house to complement your outdoor living plan. The ads for teak furniture certainly are alluring, aren’t they? Who could resist the elegance and durability provided by a teakwood piece? But those ads do indeed give you another thing that prevents you from pressing that “buy now” button: the high price tag slapped onto each one of them. It leaves you wondering how such an item can appear to have a price higher than your salary.

Jepara Teak Furniture
Jepara Teak Furniture

Teakwood furniture is expensive and it is reasonable. Let’s skip the obvious: They are gorgeous to look at and so durable they are dependable investment. But there is a reason as to why teak furniture is both pretty and lasts longer. It all started with simple botanical biology. All woods produce oils and rubber deep within their heart. These things are what keep them alive. But most woods lose their oils and rubber following a cut and being processed. This is not the case with teak wood, however. Even after being processed for any purposes, teakwood retains its natural oil and rubber.

Teakwood furniture gets its durability from this. Their inner oils and rubber provides defense against weather and parasites such as termites. Teak furniture is more impervious to dry rot thanks to the oils naturally present at the center of its grain. When placed in the sun, teak furniture indeed changes color over time. But that is a given. But their structures remain intact even after years of being exposed to the elements and the ever-changing climates. Old buildings can still stand thanks to the fact that they were built using teakwood. Reclaimed teakwood is a term applied to teakwood that is obtained through repurposing old buildings’ parts.

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