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Based on the history of Jepara, Central Java is a city producing wood carvings, brought from the Majapahit Kingdom at that time under the reign of King Brawijaya, a reliable carver named Joko Sungging. at that time Raja Brawijaya wanted to have his wife’s clothes naked as a form of his love and affection. Then the results of the paintings were carved by Joko Sungging and the king really liked the results. That is the first carving. After a while many foreign tourists visit Jepara and they bring the carvings of Jepara to their home country and the results are very satisfying, many reciprocity of those interested in carvings from Jepara. Until now Jepara is the largest producer of wood furniture and markets the results throughout the world.

Bajanusa is a furniture manufacturing company based on solid wood and metal located in Jepara. Inspired by the history of Jepara carving, a young Jepara native started marketing Jepara furniture in the country with a company called Desa Kayu, but it did not last long from 1990 – 2000, when the monetary crisis finally closed down. This young man did not break the spirit to start again in 2002 until now to market furniture with the company name, Bangun Jati Nusantara, in the end with determination, hard work and prayer this young man resumed producing furniture. Armed with experience and determination can finally prove the products produced are suitable for export. The products produced have been shipped to several continents, namely Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Currently Bajanusa is developing to meet customer needs, not only wood products, but also rattan. Bajanusa has a total production warehouse of 10,000 sqm and a capacity of 5 containers / month. The products produced are Indoor and Outdoor Furniture.

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Estabilished                   :         2002

Product Range               :         Indoor Furniture and Outdoor Furniture

Market                             :         Worldwide

Type of Business           :         Manufacture and Exporter

Production Capacity     :         5 Container / Month

Office                               :         Jalan Bondo – Mlonggo Km 4, Desa Bondo, Bangsri, Jepara, Central Java.

Phone                              :         +62 822 4141 2375

WhatsApp                      :         +62 822 4141 2375

Website                          :         www.bajanusa.com

Email                              :         [email protected] / [email protected]

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